Cypripedium farreri


Cypripedium farreri

Price for 1 bloom size nose.

It is a nice form of C.farreri, wide pastal yellow petal with beautiful dark red vein as Paphiopedilum rothschildianum. It will be great parents for hybrid.

A very rare species, hard to find in nursery,especially this form.

Selling and shipping time: Oct~Feb


At first, keep them in correct temperature:

growing season:

  • daytime:20C~30C
  • nighttime:10~20C, cooler is better. This species is high tolerate for climate


  • From October to April, please keep them in 3~(-15)C,very cold hardy if mulch with heavy snow.


  • Give them heavy watering if you can! clean rain water or RO water . pH from 6.0~7.0 will be ok. they tolerate very moist conditions.


  • high tolerate for light change, shade from 70%~10%. according to you garden temperature. more light need cool temperature, or more shade if warm.


  • Need very well draining compost! inorganic and rich lime stone will be great!
  • Important! never let the roots dry out, even winter!


  • Light! the roots do not like rich fertilizer conditions. 1/10 by normal plants.


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