Orchids of Huanglong-HARD COVER【a bit damage】



Language:     Chinese and English

Author:           Holger Perner and Yibo Luo   

ISBN:  978-7-5410-3346-9


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【Introduction】Huanglong is entitled a “Haven for Plants”. Within its rich plant resources the orchids of Huanglong play an important role in conservation and have also a value for the development of sustainable uses like biotechnological mass-propagation. Orchids have unique forms and fragrances. Orchids are extolled as the “Aristocrats of Flowers” and are said to have “royal fragrances”. They are admired by famous as well as common people at all times and in all countries. In 1975 orchids were listed in the appendix for protected species of the “Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora” (CITES).

This book is the first popular account of this rich orchid flora. This book offers you the research outcome in a way of multi directions, systematicness and forward looking. It has an important value on protection and development of orchid resources in Huanglong.

【Main Contents】

01. Preface

02. Foreword Phillip

03. Introduction

04. Acknowledge

05. The Huanglong National Park 

06. Early Botanic Explorations in Huanglong

07. A Short Introduction into the Taxonomy of Orchids

08. Phylogenetic Order of the Orchids of Huanglong

09. The Orchid Species from A-Z

10. Literature

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