Rare And Precious Wild Flowers of China(1)


Language:     English

Author:           Feng Guomei  

Subject:          Flowers               

ISBN:  7503814323   




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   China boasts a flora of over 30,000 species of higher plants. Many of the garden plants are native to this land. But the resources of the marvelous and valuable wild flowers native to China are still known to few people, so that the most of these precious treasures remain in the mountains and fields to emerge and perish of themselves. This book is produced as an introduction about the abundant resources of flowers in China with scientific descriptions in concise form and illustrations in colour, render information readily available to horticultural educators, and researchers, garden landscape architects nurserymen, flower lovers. This book covers 1000 wild ornamental plants and is to be published in three volumes, each giving accounts of over 300 species or infra specific taxa of them. The angiosperms are arranged according to the order of families of Hutchinson's system of classification with minor supplements. For each plant are included its Latin name, family name, morphological description, geographical distribution, habitat, means of propagation, merit and use in horticulture, accompanied by an exquisite color photograph.

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