Alpine Plants on the Changbaishan Massif of China



Language:     Chinese and English bilingual

Author:           Zhu Tingcheng   

Pub. Date:      1999 

Format:           Hardcover;  240x290mm;   202

Subject:          Botany General   

Page : 371

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   Alpine Plants on the Changbaishan Massif of China Located in the northeast part of China and neighboring upon Korea, the Changbaishan Massif is the highest massif in the east coast of Eurasia, about 2,744 m in elevation. As a national natural sanctuary, the Changbaishan Massif has a large area of undamaged primitive forests, where a number of plant species and the vertical distrbution of vegetaion on earth surface in miniature (deciduous broad-leaved forest, coniferous forest and tundra). Especially the alpine tundra with an elevation of 1,800 m locates in the south border of mountain tundra on Eurasia-the unique alpine tundra in China. The floristic composition and vegetation on the Changbaishan Massif are similar to and different from those in orther regions of China and North America because of its geographical location, geology, climate, and the variation in ecological environmental factors. In this colorful album, there are 335 colorful pictures selected from firsthand materials accumulated in the authors' survey and research fro many years. To each picture is attached a concise explanation which describes the morphological and ecological characteristics, habitats and utilization of the plant. All the pictures show rich and colorful alpine and sub-alpine plants, natural landscapes of the alpine tundra broad-leaved forest, and mixed coniferous and broad-leaved forest. And some of them show the endemic or rare species in the Changbaishan Massif. This book has high scientific value and artistry, and suit both refined and popular tastes. It may be used by botanists, ecologists, geography and forestry scientists, and the teachers and students in related fields in colleges' and universities. ContentsI.A Comparison Between the Flora of the Alpine Tundra on the Changbaishan Massif and That of Northwestern North AmericaII.A Preliminary Analysis of the Alpine Flora of the Changbaishan MassifIII.Features of Alpine Tundra Plants on the Changbaishan Massif

Part I: Landscape of the Changbaishan Massif
Part II: Deciduous Broad-leaved Forests
Part III: Mixed Needle-leaved and Broad-leaved Forests
Part IV: Subalpine Needle-leaved Forest Zone
Part V: Subalpine Meadows
Part VI: Subalpine Elfin-Woods of Betula ermanii
Part VI: IAlpine Tundra Zone   

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