Lilium Tibetan sp1

So many people told me it is medogense, please check the eflora :

Lilium medogense S. Yun Liang, Acta Phytotax. Sin. 23:
392. 1985. Lilium lophophorum subsp. linearifolium Sealy, Kew Bull.
5: 294. 1950. 墨脱百合 mo tuo bai he
Bulb subglobose, ca. 2.2 cm in diam.; scales purple-red,
lanceolate, 1.7–2.2 cm × ca. 6 mm. Stem 35–50 cm, papillose.
Leaves 5–8-whorled plus a few scattered, obovate-oblanceolate
or elliptic, 4.5–6 × 1.7–2.2 cm. Flowers 1–3, campanulate. Tepals yellow, dark purple at base adaxially, unspotted, elliptic, 5–
6 × 2–2.4 cm, smooth. Stamens much shorter than tepals; filaments ca. 2.5 cm, glabrous; anthers oblong, ca. 1.3 cm × 2 mm.
Ovary ca. 1.4 cm × 3 mm. Style ca. 2.5 cm; stigma capitate, ca.
8 mm in diam. Fl. Jun.
• Rocky openings in Abies forests. SE Xizang (Mêdog Xian)

I want to tell the scale is white, and different flower shape---you could paint a flower according to description and know it.

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